Nuclear medicine

Nucleis is a radiopharmaceutical company active in the Nuclear Medicine sector.

Diagnose and treat diseases

This is a discipline of medicine that uses trace amounts of active substances named radiopharmaceuticals, to diagnose, treat and monitor diseases. NM is non-invasive and provides physicians with critical information that may otherwise be unavailable without surgery or more invasive diagnostic procedures.

How does Nuclear Medicine work?

The technique works through the injection of targeted radiopharmaceuticals into the patient’s body, which will then accumulate in particular organs or lesions and reveal specific biochemical processes to the physician.

They will subsequently attach themselves to cancerous or inflamed tissues and temporarily emit radiation that can be tracked through the patient’s body using a PET-CT camera. This tracer is introduced by intravenous injection.

Radiopharmaceutical drugs

Nucleis is differentiated from competitors by offering generic radiopharmaceutical drugs and aim to constantly develop new diagnostic tools and support innovative therapies.

What is a PET scan?

PET is the abbreviation for ‘Position Emission Tomography’. This medical imaging technique is based on the distribution of a weakly radioactive tracer. It is a cutting-edge medical imagine technique.

The characteristic that makes this technique unique is that the image obtained reflects the metabolic activity of organs or tumors, something that X-rays and CT-scans which examine the anatomy of organs are unable to do. Fused CT-PET scans more clearly show tumors and are therefore often used to diagnose and monitor the growth of cancerous tumors.

What is a PET scan
Nuclear therapy

Nuclear therapy

Molecular Nuclear Therapy is an innovation that brings together two approaches: tumor targeting and radiation.

Unlike traditional chemotherapy drugs, which do not differentiate between cancerous and healthy cells, MNT selectively targets cancer cells, which can lead to more precise and effective treatment with minimal side effects.

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